August 2021

Vile Scots paedophile scoured Facebook to find kids he bombarded with disgusting sex pics

A supermarket manager scoured social media to hunt down local children he could bombard with graphic sexual images and conversation.

Paedophile Steven Gibson trawled through Facebook to find young girls near his home and then posed as a child to lure them onto a SnapChat group he set up.

Father-of-one Gibson, who faces being sacked by Tesco, sent cartoon images of characters from TV show Family Guy to the 12 and 13-year-old members of the group.

The children – who had been conned into thinking the group had been set up by a schoolfriend – called in the police after Gibson started sending images of a naked penis.

Gibson was placed on the Sex Offenders Register at Perth Sheriff Court today and sentence was deferred for the preparation of social work reports. He was released on bail

Fiscal depute Rebecca Kynaston told the court: “The complainers were all 12 and 13 at the time and the accused is a 50-year-old male and has a SnapChat account called ‘My Name Is.’

“He was not known personally to any of the children, but they were all known to each other as they attended the same school in the Dundee area.

“In 2018 they became involved in a group chat called ‘Keep It 12A’. The accused was a member and was believed to have originally created the group

“The accused placed an image into the chat of a character from the show Family Guy, masturbating alongside the words ‘who’s pumping?’ It was seen by all group members.”

When one girl told Gibson the message was not welcome, he replied: “Lol. You wanting pumped later? Let’s get pumping. Want to try this later?

He then sent an image of cartoon characters having sex before sending a picture of a penis and the message: “It does get bigger if you was playing with it.”

Gibson, who still lives with his partner of ten years, asked one girl to have sex and pestered her again when she failed to respond to his request.

He then sent a photoshopped image of a female with a male penis over her face and the children called in the police to report the vile month-long campaign.

Gibson, 50, Mailer Way, Perth, admitted five charges of sending written sexual communications to children on SnapChat between 27 May and 30 June 2019.

The court was told that he was traced by his user name and was “uncomfortable and nervous” while police carried out a search of his family home.

Mrs Kynaston said: “His mobile phone contained screenshots of Facebook pages of young females in the Dundee, Angus and Perth area. Anumber of those pages had the user’s SnapChat details on them.”

Sheriff Gillian Wade granted Gibson bail but warned him that he could be sent to jail when he returns to court next month.