August 2021

Grinning pervert shouts ‘I beat the law’ after being spared jail for sex with teen

Grinning paedophile shouts 'I beat the law' after being spared jail for sex with teen

A convicted pervert was pictured grinning outside court as he told friends ‘I beat the law’ after being spared jail for having sex with an underage girl.

Ethan Hewitt, 20, had been banned from contacting anyone under 16 while an investigation into ‘similar matters’ was being carried out in Leicestershire.

But he started sexually grooming the schoolgirl, 15, in February this year after contacting her on Facebook.

During their contact, which Manchester Crown Court heard took place with the consent of the girl’s mum, Hewitt repeatedly had sex with the teenager while staying at her home for four days.

The court was told the girl’s younger sister was sleeping in the same room where she and Hewitt shared a bed.

He was reported to the authorities by a support worker assigned to his case who overheard him phoning the unnamed girl. Police recovered messages indicating the youngster was expecting Hewitt’s baby.

Hewitt, of Aylestone, Leicester, initially faced a charge of rape but prosecutors accepted a guilty plea to the lesser charge of sexual activity with a child.

He was given 12 months’ detention suspended for 18 months after a judge accepted he was of a ‘similar maturity’ to the girl and was of an ‘extremely low level of general intelligence’.

Afterwards, he could be heard gloating to pals on his phone outside court, saying: ‘I beat the law, I beat the systems and won. I’m not going to prison.’

The court heard the fling took place in February while Hewitt was being investigated over ‘similar matters’ in Leicestershire.

Prosecutor Hugh Barton said: ‘The defendant was under bail conditions at the time and was prohibited from contacting any children. But a support officer assigned to his case heard the defendant on the phone and she heard two female voices. It seems he was calling this girl who is 15 and her mum.

‘He had been staying with her at her address for the past four days and had slept in the same bed as her over that period of time.

‘The girl later confirmed she knew the defendant and they said they had been communicating via FB for the previous year. They met up at a Tesco store in Manchester and later shared the same bed and undertook in sexual activity. From received text messages it confirms concerns she may be pregnant. In interview, the defendant denied any sexual activity had taken place.

Hewitt was also made subject of a four-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order and was ordered to be electronically tagged under the terms of a 10pm to 6am curfew.