August 2021

Serial rapist jailed again

A serial rapist with a brutal history of violent sex attacks on women has been jailed for 16 years – after previously telling a national newspaper journalist: “I’ve changed.”

Milton Brown, 68, was locked up for 21 years in 1999 for raping three women, including a former girlfriend who went on to take her own life.

Brown was released early from prison but last year attacked another woman before being caught on CCTV cycling away when she fled the scene.

The monster was jailed yesterday after being convicted of two counts of rape, one count of attempted rape and one count of assault by penetration.

Brown had claimed he was no longer a danger when The Sun confronted him in January 2012 following his early release from jail.

But he was sentenced to 16 years in prison for the series of assaults, and will have to spend four years on licence.

Wood Green Crown Court heard that on May 2 last year he invited a 29-year-old woman to his home, with the woman telling him he only intended to stay for 20 minutes.

When she got up to leave the sick attacker forced her to stay in the house with him before raping her.

His victim “felt she was going to die” during her ordeal in which Brown dosed her up with drugs and booze after befriending her at a Hackney supermarket.

After the attack Brown calmly offered the victim some beer and asked her to try on some women’s vintage clothing he had in his home.

She managed to convince Brown that she wanted to buy cigarettes from a nearby shop, and he insisted on accompanying her.

While walking to the shop she spotted a group of men repairing water pipes, and ran towards them telling them that she had been raped.

Police were called as Brown callously cycled away from the area, with officers launching a manhunt to find the rapist.

Brown was caught on a CCTV camera cycling away from the scene on the Seven Sisters Road, despite appearing to raise his hand to shield his face.

He handed himself in to Stoke Newington Police Station on May 11 after becoming aware police were searching for him, and was subsequently arrested for rape.

The twisted rapist was previously been locked up for attacks on three victims, including former girlfriend Susan McDonald.

He locked Susan in his South London flat for three months, sexually abused her and beat her with a nail studded plank. Tragically, she died of an overdose in 2008 aged 36, unable to bear her torment any longer.

During his Old Bailey trial, he fired his legal team and sparked a public outcry with prolonged questioning of two of his victims over five days.

One of his victims, widow Sandra Summers, 38, who waived her right to anonymity, said she was “raped again, emotionally, inside that witness box”.

Crack addict Brown was released after serving 14 years of his sentence, and given a furnished council flat in Tottenham, North London.

Following his release, a journalist watched him freely cycling around London unsupervised.

When approached by a journalist, Brown arrogantly claimed he deserved to be free — declaring: “I’ve changed.”