August 2021

Paedo West Lothian Scoutmaster repeatedly abused girl aged 15


A Scottish Scoutmaster who groomed a schoolgirl into having full sexual intercourse has avoided a jail sentence.

Paedophile Lewis Findlay, who led a troop in the Scouts, abused the girl when she was aged 15.

Falkirk Sheriff Court heard that the girl, who had known Findlay since she was 12, had initially thought his interest in her was “one of support”.

But in November, 2018, at his home in Bo’ness, West Lothian, while his girlfriend was abroad and his mother was also away leaving them alone in the house together, the Scout leader made advances as they sat on his bed watching a film – telling her “just let it happen”.

Prosecutor Alex Kirk said the girl was hesitant and uncomfortable, but agreed to sex “as she didn’t want it to be awkward”.

The following month he had full sex with her again, this time in his car parked in a layby, and the situation developed to the point where the girl thought they were “seeing each other”.

The court heard they had sex “a couple of times a month” in Findlay’s car parked in laybys on back roads in Stirlingshire and West Lothian.

In early 2019 the girl confided in another adult about what had been going on, and he encouraged her to report the matter.

After she refused, he reported the matter himself and Findlay was afterwards suspended by the Scouting Association.

However the girl denied everything when interviewed by police and social workers.

After a break of a couple of weeks the incidents resumed, but around the end of August Findlay started buying the girl lingerie and sending her pictures of it.

The court heard that on one occasion she dressed up in lingerie, which she had not wanted to do but when she said “no” Findlay asked her repeatedly and she eventually agreed.

Mrs Kirk said: “This incident made her realise how much older the accused was.”

She ended the conta and blocked Findlay on Snapchat, but he continued to contact her using texts and Facebook Messenger, which “alarmed” her.

One “lengthy” message concluded with “a list of 50 things he stated he loved about her”.

Mrs Kirk said that by then the girl was “stressed and didn’t know what to do”.

In November 2019, scout leaders were “made aware” of the messaging and concluded that a sexual relationship was going on.

Police were again called in, and in February last year Findlay was charged.

Now 24, Amazon worker Findlay, of Bo’ness, pleaded guilty to stalking the girl and having unlawful sexual intercourse.

Sheriff Simon Collins QC sentenced Findlay to 300 hours of unpaid work, placed him under social work supervision and on the sex offenders’ register for three years, ordered him to take part in the Scottish Government’s “Moving Forward, Making Changes” programme for sex offenders if directed, and banned him from having any unsupervised contact with children under 16.

Findlay, who had arrived at court with a bag packed for jail, refused to comment to a reporter as he walked free from the building.