August 2021

Pervert who had picture of child in sick collection walks free

A man who began viewing pornography aged eight was caught with hundreds of sickening images of children.

Al Keasbey Lloyd developed an addiction to explicit content and eventually began seeking out more extreme and illicit images from the age of 13

When police raided his Skelmersdale home, the sickening collection of photographs and videos included a child believed to be as young as one.

Others stored on hard drives and on Discord, a social media website, included images of children aged around eight performing sex acts on an adult.

Prosecuting, Mark Stephenson told Preston Crown Court that police raided Lloyd’s home after tracing an IP address which had been used to upload images identified as indecent and involving pre-pubescent children.

He said: “Officers attended the address and discovered that this defendant resided there with other members of his family including his brother and his mother.

“Both the defendant and his brother were identified as users of Discord and I will make clear at this stage that his brother is involved in no wrongdoing whatsoever.”

Both men were interviewed, with Lloyd initially offering no comment, and released under further investigation on the basis they must live at separate addresses.

Days later, he admitted to his mum that it was him who had accessed the images and uploaded them and she reported that admission to the police.

At a second interview, Lloyd, 21, admitted he was responsible for downloading the images and explained that he had uploaded them to Discord so he could view them a later date and that no-one could access the files online.

He also did not speak to children outside his own family and stated he was “not sexually attracted to children but was drawn to the images”. Instead, he would go through cycles of viewing the abusive pictures and then feeling embarrassed and ashamed before starting again months later.

According to Mr Stephenson, Lloyd had first accessed the abusive images aged 13 and continued to do so across a six year period until his arrest in 2019. Lloyd, who has no previous convictions, has committed no further offences since then.

A total of 821 images were found on Lloyd’s devices which included a computer he had built himself. Of those, 318 photographs and 12 videos were placed in the most serious Category A; 216 were Category B and 212 were Category C.

The remaining images included 28 classed as “prohibited images of children” and 33 of extreme pornography.

Sentencing, Recorder Paul Reid QC said: “You know and the public knows that the real effect of these images is what it does to the children who have been involved in having these images taken.

“Although there is no suggestion you were involved in publishing these, let along anything more direct, custodial sentence typically follow in cases where there are the numbers of Category A images there are here.

“It’s also aggravated by the length of time these offences were carried out, but this is also an explanation for why the offences were carried out.”

Recorder Reid said a psychological report prepared for the hearing examined the impact of the knife point incident and the “significant” effect of viewing even legal explicit content from such a young age.

He said that if he were to hand a custodial sentence, it would like be around 20 months but argued that Lloyd would stand a better chance of being rehabilitated during a longer, community-based sentence.

As such, he issued Lloyd, of Lindens, Skelmersdale, a 36 month community order which included a requirement to carry out 90 days of rehabilitation work and to complete an accredited programme which would address his sexual attraction behaviours.

He was also issued with a 10-year sexual harm prevention order (SHPO).

Recorder Reid added: “You must understand how close you came to going to prison today. This behaviour cannot happen again and if it does, you now what will happen to you.”