August 2021

Trainee doctor guilty of under age sex with 14-year-old Devon girl

A medical student is facing a jail sentence after being found guilty of having sex with a 14-year-old schoolgirl who he met in an online chatroom.

Akeil Akhtar, had just turned 18 and was still doing his A Levels when he travelled to Devon to meet the girl who he had groomed on the Kik messenger app.

He met her five times with the level of sexual activity increasing from kissing and cuddling to touching, oral sex, and full intercourse.

He exchanged explicit messages after the encounters in which he asked the girl to mark his performance out of 10.

The girl met him twice three times in North Devon and she travelled to see him at hotels in Paddington and at Luton Airport.

She also sent him videos of her touching herself that police found on his phone after his arrest.

Their secret relationship only came to light because she went onto the pill when they started having full sex and her shocked mother found a reminder on her phone to take the contraceptives.

The underwear she had worn during their last tryst at the Hampton Hilton Hotel in Luton was recovered by police and DNA from his semen was found on her knickers.

Akhtar is the son of a doctor from Luton who was stopped from studying at every university in Britain after being arrested for these offences four years ago and listed by the Declaration and Barring Service.

He instead enrolled for a medical degree course in the Czech Republic, but his dreams of a career as a doctor have been wrecked by his conviction.

Akhtar, now aged 22, of Kent Road, Luton, denied four counts of sexual activity with a child which all date back to 2016 to 2017 but was found guilty.

He admitted three counts of possessing the images which related to 36 nude video selfies which she sent him, including 28 in which she was touching herself intimately.

There were also 49 photos showing her naked or in sexual poses.

Judge Timothy Rose adjourned sentence at Exeter Crown Court until October and released him on a £50,000 surety from his father with a condition that he surrender his passport.

The judge told Akhtar: “There is no realistic option here other than an immediate custodial sentence.

“I am asking for a probation pre-sentence report which will help in the sentencing process.”

During a two-week trial, the jury heard that the offences dated back to 2016 and 2017 but the investigation had been delayed by the analysis of Akhtar’s phone and the Covid crisis.

He claimed their only physical encounter was at the last meeting where they had both masturbated on the same bed without touching each other.

He said all the other references in the messages were either fantasies or phone sex, but that failed to explain their content.

There was a discussion of oral sex after their meeting at a hotel in Paddington.

After their last meeting, she was worried she was pregnant despite being on the pill and he told her ‘it is 99 percent effective, imagine being the one percent first time’.