September 2004

Pervert jailed after being caught with indecent images of kids

A businessman has been jailed after police uncovered a catalogue of child sexual abuse images at his home.

Former computer software salesman and dad Paul Lewis pleaded guilty to 27 counts of making indecent pseudo-images of children, seven counts of possessing indecent pseudo-images of children, four counts of distributing indecent pseudo-images of children and posting an advert on the internet.

Merthyr Crown Court heard police discovered 11,539 indecent images and 208 child abuse movies at his address.

Although described as pseudo- images, Judge John Curran said he had no doubt they were pictures of real children.

Lewis, 51, formerly of Finchley Close, Troedyrhiw, but now living in Pen y fan Close, Libanus, Brecon, was treated by a psychiatrist and claimed a depressive illness led to his crime.

He wept as Thomas Crowther, prosecuting, told the court police went to his home at 7.20am on July 9 last year.

Lewis’ response was: ‘This is going to destroy me.’

He was a member of 738 chat rooms and groups, had subscribed to child pornography sites, sent images to chat rooms to receive other images back and could give no explanation for a message he posted saying: ‘I have pics to share.’

Mr Crowther said: ‘When asked as a parent how he viewed the pictures, he said he found the images to be strange: ‘I think I became desensitised in a surreal world of being on my own in a room and seeing pictures’.’

He was jailed for 18 months. He will also have to attend a sex offenders’ programme and was ordered to register as a sex offender for 10 years and prohibited from working with children.