September 2021

Judge sickened by paedophile’s ‘grotesque’ haul of child abuse images

A convicted paedophile kept a computer loaded with child abuse images – including videos of youngsters being raped – in a curtained-off area in his bedroom.

Police made the discovery when officers raided Nigel Fiddament’s home in Lutterworth in January last year, a court heard.

Jailing him today, a judge with decades of experience dealing with sex offenders said simply reading a description of the films in Fiddament’s possession had made his ‘stomach churn’.

Detectives found more than 10,000 illegal computer files, including about 200 child abuse videos, on the laptop computer behind the curtain.

Most of the images were of children aged from five to 10 and included videos of children being raped by adults, while another showed a woman having sex with a horse.

The machine also had file-sharing software capable of letting other paedophiles access about 4,000 of the items in his depraved collection.

Detectives also discovered two pieces of software designed to wipe his hard drives clean

As they carried out the raid, the officers found the computer was in the process of downloading a further 300 files.

The 63-year-old had already been jailed for 18 months in 2016 after police found 6,219 illegal images on is home computer.

Recorder Sandeep Kainth sentenced Fiddament to another 18 months behind bars.

He told the paedophile: “These are grotesque offences. You enjoy watching children being raped. You derive sexual gratification from that.

“Even to read a description [of the films] makes my own stomach churn and I have been dealing with sex offenders for more than 25 years.

“The children – aged from five to 10 years – are the victims and God only knows what the impact will be on them.”