September 2021

Child rapist told girl ‘sometimes you have to do things you don’t want’

A paedophile admitted raping a girl after police discovered his sick conversations with men fantasising about the abuse.

David Harvey groomed then repeatedly molested the young child, after telling her: “Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to.”

The 59-year-old later went online and told one man he could impersonate his victim in twisted sex games – referring to him by the girl’s name – but claimed this was just “role play”.

Harvey, of Blackcap Walk, Birchwood, Warrington, showed no emotion as Judge Andrew Menary, QC, slammed his “corrupt and depraved behaviour”.

Liverpool Crown Court heard the abuse came to light in June 2020, when the victim’s mum received a text from one of her daughter’s friends at school.

This girl told the mum her daughter had text her, saying: “I was sexually assaulted for years and wanted to say something, but I was scared.”

Robert Dudley, prosecuting, said the mum spoke to her child, who confirmed Harvey had made her touch him, and the police were informed.

The court heard the abuse included Harvey making the victim get undressed, before lying on top of her and rubbing his penis against her.

He made her perform sex acts on herself, saying he wouldn’t touch her if she did them, so she did, because she didn’t want him to touch her.

Mr Dudley said Harvey also performed sex acts on her, made her perform sex acts on him, and on one occasion raped her.

The victim said: “He was bigger and stronger than me and if I didn’t do it, he’d hold me in place.”

When arrested and interviewed by police in July 2020, Harvey denied sexually abusing his victim and said her allegations were “not true”.

He was interviewed again in March this year, when police confronted him with evidence of the conversations he had online with other men, including a person called “Andrew”.

The court heard in one chat he told Andrew: “You can be [victim’s name] and I can f*** you.”

Harvey continued to address this man using the name of his child victim and talked about needing them “to come service him soon”.

He admitted sending Andrew three images of his erect penis but claimed the chats were just “role play” and a scenario being acted out by two men.

Harvey, who had no previous convictions, later admitted rape, three counts of sexual assault and two counts of causing a child to engage in sexual activity.

Mr Dudley said his child victim now struggles to sleep, gets anxious when talking about her ordeal and just “wants to forget about it”.

In a victim statement, the girl’s mum said she too suffers from raised levels of anxiety and stress, and worries about her daughter.

Judge Menary told Harvey: “Essentially during this period you used her as your sexual partner or sexual plaything, asking her if she wanted to have some fun and engaging in very intimate sexual activity. This was thoroughly corrupt and depraved behaviour.”

The judge said the chats with the man Andrew online were “very significant incriminating evidence”.

He said: “In interview you denied all of the allegations, even though the police by then had obtained details of chat conversations you had with men online about fantasies involving having sex with an adult dressed as a schoolgirl and using the same name as your victim.”

Judge Menary added: “I’ve no doubt what you did to your victim will haunt her for many years, if not for the rest of her life.

“It’s likely to affect her relationships as she grows up and the effect is likely to be profound.”

He said it was too soon to properly assess the impact of his “appalling” abuse on the child, but noted the crimes involved planning and grooming behaviour.

Judge Menary said Harvey was an “offender of particular concern” and jailed him for 10 and a half years, with an extended one year on licence.

This type of sentence means he must serve at least half of the term in prison before he can apply to the Parole Board for his release.

He will only be released before the end of the 10 and a half years if he is no longer considered to be a risk.

Judge Menary ordered Harvey to sign on the Sex Offenders Register and to comply with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for life.