May 2017

Cwmbran man avoids jail sentence over indecent child images

A pervert who downloaded indecent videos and images of children has been given a three-year community order.

Dean Jones, of Turners End, in Fairwater, Cwmbran, was found to have downloaded 74 indecent images and videos on his laptop when police searched his home on April 12.

Twenty of the videos were category A, the most serious level of offending, as were nine of the images.

In total, Jones, aged 31, was found in possession of 43 images and 31 indecent videos on his laptop.

Robert Goodwin, prosecuting, said most of the indecent content showed older men and younger girls.

But Mr Goodwin said that Jones did not intend to download indecent images of children.

He said the indecent images were part of mass downloads.

Recorder Greg Bull QC gave Jones credit for pleading guilty to the three charges of making indecent photos of children at the earliest opportunity.

He said: “Downloading child pornography is a serious offence because when you look at one of those videos or photos, somewhere a child is being abused.

“That is not acting, it is sexual abuse.”

But recorder Bull said he was convinced that he could take an “exceptional course” in this case.

“I am satisfied in your case that you require help. I say that after having read a letter from your parents which I found extremely moving.”

Jones was sentenced to a three-year community order.

He was added to the sexual offenders’ register for five years and a sexual harm prevention order was made.