September 2021

Police found child sex abuse images in missing man’s bedroom

Police trying to find clues to the whereabouts of a missing man found thousands of depraved sexual images of young boys in his bedroom.

Stephen Goldsmith, of Mary Rose Avenue, Wootton, had been reported missing by his father, and police inspected his bedroom during the search, in April.

They found 16 USB sticks containing moving and still indecent images of children, including Category A images — the worst kind.

They also found a box of printed images and handwritten sheets of paper cataloguing the contents.

Goldsmith, 38, was found by police in an alleyway next to Ryde Golf Course, explained Roderick Blain, prosecuting at the Isle of Wight Crown Court on Thursday.

He was in a distressed state but unharmed and was arrested for possession of the images.

At a court hearing, on June 14, he admitted two counts of possessing indecent photographs of a child.

At the sentencing on Thursday, Mr Blain said the USB sticks contained images of pre-pubescent boys aged seven years to early teens, including oral and anal sex.

There was one particular boy who appeared regularly and there was evidence to suggest he was known to Goldsmith — but he was in America and there was no information on whether he was of an age of consent.

Altogether there were 238 Category A images, 358 Category B images, and 3,654 Category C images.

Goldsmith had been remanded in custody since April 26 to June 14 and since then had been under a stringent 23-hour-a-day curfew at his home, electronically monitored, which he adhered to.