September 2021

Paedophile caught out when someone looked through his window as they walked past

A paedophile was caught after he was spotted brazenly viewing child sexual abuse images near a window.

Martin White, 64, was looking at vile pictures on a computer when he was seen by someone attending a nearby house party celebrating New Year’s Eve.

When his home and computer were searched, a collection of 75,000 illegal images were uncovered.

Many of the pictures found in White’s possession were dubbed Category A, the most serious showing the rape of young girls by adult males

Recounting the sighting in December 2018, the unnamed witness said: ‘I saw the male through the window on his computer.

‘I noticed that he was looking at pornographic images. One was of a young girl, aged about 9-10.

‘She was not wearing anything from the waist down.’

After a lengthy legal process, he pleaded guilty to multiple offences related to indecent images of children.

He was jailed for one year and three months at Northampton Crown Court.